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Smart watches are computers that can be worn on the wrist and offer much more than just time control.


In most cases, smart watches include integration with a mobile phone. They display incoming calls, text messages, weather, or even GPS navigation maps on your wrist.


In short, watches are an “extension” of your mobile phone that can show you data from your mobile phone without actually reaching for it.


Smart phones can do many things that a smart watch can do, but smart watches are much more convenient with certain activities. When driving a car or bike, it is much easier (and safe) to check notifications with a single wrist turn than it is to effort and pull your phone out of your pocket. If you go for a run, you can finally leave your phone at home. Use built-in GPS smart watches to record the length, duration and distance of your venture.


Smart watches additionally provide things that your mobile phone does not have, e.g. heart rate monitor. Heart rate measurement will be very convenient and comfortable for sports activities, as the smart watch measures the pulse right from your wrist without any distracting accessories. Heart rate and movement also allow the clock to collect sleep information. This will allow you to judge if you sleep well enough.