Free Camping for This Summer Adventure

It is still early March but there’s nothing wrong about starting to think the summer holiday plan to free camping. Summer season is all about outdoor activities and it would be a great time to do summer adventure for family bonding activity. Well, there’s no need to go to an African jungle or a Pacific island for a summer vacation. Your family can get an outdoor adventure with summer camping near where you live.


Outdoor Activity and Family Bonding

Family camping is a good thing to do. It encourages your family to become Outdoor Active and to bond more while you are enjoying the little adventure. Of course, it isn’t just building a tent and fireplace at your backyard. You need real camping in the real wilderness. It would be much better when the free camping location also allows your family to do other activities such as Hiking on a trail or fishing near the river or lake.


When it comes to free camping, we won’t be out of option in this country. There are many camping grounds usually with facilities like a parking spot, bathroom, even a picnic table. But such camping grounds could come with quite high camping fee. National Parks are always a favorite destination for camping or mountain biking but it also comes with a high fee. But don’t worry about that, there’re still plenty of options for Free Camping outside the designated camping grounds area.


Dispersed Camping

Relax, it doesn’t mean you must go to deep into the wilderness. It is more as dispersed camping or camping on undeveloped or wilderness lands accessible for public. National Parks are usually attached or surrounded by national or state forest areas. Those areas are legal for the public to build a temporary camping site. So, the tips are going outside a National Park to a forest, lake campgrounds or wilderness public space and find a quiet, nice space to build your camping site. Follow the pave road and be sure not to go too far from the road.


Camping Gear and Equipment

Dispersed camping means you really stay in the wilderness, far from various facilities usually available on designated camping grounds. It is important to make sure you have all you need. Be sure to do your homework well and that’s including listing all required Camping Equipment. A proper tent, picnic tables and gas burner is a starter and you so be sure it is accommodating all family members and suitable for the type of condition on the place where you want to camp. A sleeping bag is also crucial. Pack quality sleeping bags enough for all family member. Other types of Camping Gear will depend on how long will you camp and what kind of activities you will do.


It is highly recommended to pack the Hiking Backpack along with the camping gear. Free camping near the national parks means you have easy access to explore the nature and following the hiking track will be a great way to enjoy what nature could offer. Proper Hiking Gear will make sure all family members will enjoy the hiking while keeping comfortable and safe.


Get All Important Information for Your Free Camping

Since there’s still plenty of time until summer, get all the important information you need. When you already prefer a location for your free camping site such as Hood river, Mt Hood, Timothy lake, Hood national forest or Frog lake campground, don’t forget to seek information about camping regulations in that area including fire regulation, emergency contact, and other important things. So, get ready for the Camping World this summer!