A Complete Camping Checklist for New Campers

Do you have your Camping Checklist ready? Is your long-awaited tent camping tour with your family and friends finally becoming a reality? You must have started visiting the internet store and offline stores that equip themselves with camping gears. Especially when you do not own any of them.

Well, do not get puzzled by the big range of camping gears as you may not need all of what the stores advise.  Anyway, here is a full checklist that you may utilize to buy the necessary camping gear and equipment for your camping.

Waterproof Tent

Ensure you are purchasing a tent that does not soak water during risky weather situations. Do not buy a big tent if there are not too many people traveling. Target on finding a waterproof tent and make sure that the tent is simple and lightweight to open up whenever needed.

Camping Lights

It is forever better to set the campfire near your tent to keep you hot as well as keep danger at bay. Anyway, you should be furnished with minimum light sources. Different online sites sell LED Camping Lanterns, electric lights, and dual fuel lamps that are easy on the pocket. Ensure you carry batteries with you; it is the best power supply but you can also take advantage of free solar energy and get a solar light bulb.

First aid kit

Insect band-aids and repellents are the most vital elements that should be added in your first aid kit. You can also carry medicines and gels to keep you from mosquito bites. Carrying emergency drugs can help you well especially when you are out to a location that has zero links with the planet.

Portable cooler

If you have planned to stay out in the camp for a few days, you should store ample food and keep it in the refrigerator. You will find through internet stores selling portable fridges. It will stack in the rear end of your vehicle and keep your food from getting contaminated.


You need to find little yet relax bedding for yourself. Pick the best one based on the weather you are going for the tour.

The weight and shape of the sleeping bag in your backpack play an important role. Investing in a good sleeping bag that saves space in your backpack or bike bag will keep you warm at night and give you comfort.

Cooking equipment

No issue how you want to cook while camping, you should purchase a portable cooking pot for preparing the food. You need to carry at least one stove and cooking pot along with ample fuel to prepare necessary food.


You don’t need to carry a giant or heavy shovel with you. Choose a smaller one. You will fast find a little and moveable shovel in any camping store that will support you in digging up the little holes to set up the tent and fix it to the ground.